Understanding Your Vehicles Mechanics

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This guide is about how a car works. It explains all the different parts, like the body – the outside part you see. Then there’s the frame that holds everything together. Next up is the engine, which is the heart of the car. It’s the part that makes the car go.

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The engine burns fuel, like gasoline, giving the car power to move.

There are different kinds of engines. Regular ones burn gasoline and electric vehicles, while others use a mix of both. The transmission takes the power from the engine and to the wheels. You’ll find two main types: automatic and manual. Automatic transmissions do the shifting by themselves. Manual transmissions need the driver to use a clutch and a shifter to change gears.

Vehicles also need other things to keep them comfy and moving smoothly. That’s where the suspension system comes in. It has springs and shock absorbers that soak up all the bumps from the road. Then there are the wheels; the metal parts where you fit the tires. The rubber tires filled with air grip the road to help the car move.

Steering is how you control where the car goes. You turn the steering wheel, and that tells the wheels which way to turn. Brakes are super-important for slowing down and stopping. They use special pads to press on the wheels and slow them down. Auto repair shops help keep everything running smoothly when one of the components malfunctions.


Steering is how you control where the car goes

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Car Repair News 

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