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Vehicles are considered to be a lifesaving asset for many of us, so when we are involved in a traffic accident, our whole world can turn upside down. We may be bombarded with concerns about how we’re going to get to work or whether we will ever recover from the injuries we have sustained. Moreover, without the right support, you may be left with serious detrimental mental health issues and emotional wounds. Fortunately, this article will provide you with a selection of valuable accident recovery resources to help you stay safe on the road and recover swiftly if the worst is ever to happen.

10 Things You Need to Consider if You’re Ever in a Car Accident

1. A Truly Supportive Attorney

For those who were involved in an accident where the other party is to blame, you may benefit from hiring an auto accident attorney. These lawyers are trained to bring your case to justice, informing the court of law of how the accident wasn’t your fault. In addition, they can also help you to receive a lucrative amount of compensation to help cover your medical bills and vehicle repairs. As such, this is one of the most important accident recovery resources for those who are eager to find justice and ensure that the person at fault is punished fairly. John Foy & Associates describes that a typical auto accident lawyer has a normal contingency fee of 33.3%-40% of the compensation payout. Drivers should also keep in mind that an initial consultation is normally free, ensuring that you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money on finding the right lawyer. Although this can seem like a pretty hefty cost for most people, it ensures that they can move on with their lives and may help them to receive even more money as a result of winning the case.

2. Your Legal Team

Alongside a qualified attorney, you may also have to hire a few other legal professionals to help defend your case, especially if it’s quite complex. If your case handles a lot of important paperwork, it’s advised that you recruit a process server to help support you during this journey. This person has the power to serve a plethora of legal documents such as court orders, claims forms, and statutory demands. As such, these professionals are a key example of helpful accident recovery services as they can help you to track down the other driver, which is useful if they fled directly after the accident occurred. Despite their value and importance in many auto accident claims, their services are very reasonably priced. The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) highlights that although their fees can differ from state to state, these lawyers typically charge $20 to $100 per job. Thus, you now have the prime opportunity to strengthen your case in court without having to break the bank.

3. The Local Police

Even some minor traffic accidents require the law to step in. Perhaps you and another driver were engaged in some heavy conflict, or maybe you were approached by a police officer using a laser radar gun about your speed. Whatever the situation, you should always liaise with the police in the fight for your case. Although this can sometimes make an accident seem more intense and traumatizing, the police can help support those who have witnessed a particularly horrific crash or believe that another driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As such, it’s imperative that you speak to these people calmly and always divulge the truth. Thus, the local authorities can help to discipline irresponsible drivers and help to keep your local neighborhood safe.

4. Driving Trainers

Certain accidents can scar us for life and make it harder for us to get back on the road. This is especially true if the accident was caused by unsafe driving practices or a lack of confidence behind the wheel. In this case, you may have to learn how to drive once again, ensuring that this time round you feel in complete control of your respective vehicle. Although many of us don’t want to go through the hassle of countless driving lessons again, there are a range of accident recovery resources available to help you overcome these issues. For example, online CDL training courses give you everything you need to know about driving a commercial vehicle and can help you earn a valid license for this type of work. As such, this is really beneficial for truck drivers or bus conductors who are eager to advance their careers. A lot of these courses focus on the theory element of the exam, helping you to understand the nuances of these types of vehicles and how they typically operate on the road. According to Freight Waves Rating, these courses can start at around $25 and go all the way up to $400. But, typically the average price range for online classes is $100 to $200.

5. Your Car Dealer

Even if your vehicle has only suffered a few scuffs and scratches after an accident, you should still visit a professional to ensure that the entire machine is in good working order. A trip to your local car dealer or truck dealer can help assess the overall quality and performance of your vehicle, ensuring that it’s safe to continue driving. For those who have experienced extensive levels of damage, your car dealer can work to offer you a wide range of solutions, which is useful for drivers who don’t want to send their beloved cars to the scrapheaps just yet. A car dealer should also inform you if a car has been in a previous accident, so keep this in mind when looking to purchase a new car. Though a car dealer may seem like one of the most unlikely accident recovery resources, they should actually be one of the first people you should contact after a collision. Experian explains that the cost of taking your car back to the dealership after an accident can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage. For example, a minor concern such as a seat belt repair can cost $150-$200, whereas a more major issue like an engine replacement is priced at $1,000-$7,000. The source also advises that you use your car insurance to help cover these costs as paying out of pocket for these services can affect your finances immensely.

6. Trailer Repair Professionals

Trailers are usually seen as a pivotal asset for most drivers, but as soon as they’re involved in an accident, they’re pretty much rendered useless. A trailer is normally attached to the chassis of a car using a towing hitch, securing both parts in place. But, if this element suffers great damage, both your car and trailer could be in grave danger. Broken towing hitches can not only cause immense chaos on the road, but they can also leave many drivers out of a job for a long while. As such, if you’re concerned about the state of this part, you should work to get it replaced as soon as possible. U-Haul notes that although the cost of a new towing hitch will depend on the make and model of your car or truck, drivers can expect to pay an average of $150 to $300. As such, this is considered to be most of the most cost-effective accident recovery resources, making it easier than ever for drivers to add this crucial element to their vehicles.

7. Auto Body Restoration Professionals

Your car’s exterior is one of its most valuable elements, so if it becomes damaged during an accident, it causes many drivers a lot of stress and anxiety. Although it’s quite common for a car to suffer a few scuffs and scrapes over the years, too many imperfections can lead to a steep decline in value. In turn, you may end up making a harsh loss when you decide to put your car on the market in the future. To help restore your car back to its normal self, it’s good practice to book your car into an auto body spray booth. These booths work in a similar way to a spray tan, where a car is placed in a regulated environment so that the paint can be re-applied evenly and safely. These booths help to maintain extremely high-quality standards and work to keep the staff away from harmful gases or fumes. The cost of this service depends mostly on the color of the paint rather than the labor needed to complete it. Wrecktify Collision & Restoration explains that those who desire off-beat colors may have to pay up to $10,000 for these accident recovery resources, but those who want a standard paint job will typically be expected to pay just over $2,000.

8. GPS and Dashcam Installers

GPS and dashcams are fantastic accident recovery resources as they help guests get from point A to point B without having to fret about capturing evidence if an accident were to occur. Yet, if your car doesn’t have them installed already, it can be a pretty pricey investment for drivers. For example, Cobra explains that a standard dashcam can cost anywhere from $100 to $400. If you operate in a particularly bustling industry such as construction or agriculture, you may benefit from adding a Topcon GPS system to your vehicle. This is a state-of-the-art technology that uses both GPS and satellite information to help farmers and contractors to determine where to specifically level the terrain. As such, this is a vital asset for those working on large spaces of land and are eager to get the best results every time. Since these accident recovery resources are so niche, they may not be so applicable to ordinary drivers. However, we cannot ignore their impact on wider industries and how they help to keep our roads and infrastructure safe and secure.

9. City Planners Who Want to Prevent Future Accidents

When it comes to choosing vehicular traffic coatings, it’s crucial that city planners decide on the most appropriate coating for their desired location. For those who live in particularly hot areas, a major concern is that the paving will melt and become stuck to the wheels of passing vehicles. On the flip side, planners must also implement water-resistant materials to help preserve the longevity of the road and stop drivers from sliding. McGill Restoration explains that there are three main types of traffic coatings, all of which are used in different scenarios. These are described below:

  • Penetrating Sealers: This material is typically used in concrete and allows moisture to escape the surface to help avoid vapor lock.
  • Cementitious Coating: Offers a high level of protection for pedestrians and vehicles. Although it may appear as concrete, it’s available in a range of different styles for complete versatility.
  • Epoxy Coatings: This is the strongest option of the three. Though it may not be breathable, it’s considered to be extremely durable and weatherproof.

10. Transportation Services

If you’re required to ship vast quantities up and down the country, you may require a different set of accident recovery services compared to other drivers. Those who transport large items like cars or furniture could benefit from purchasing a container on wheels, such as a shipping container or a car carrier. Although these assets can cost a lot of money, with T. P. Trailers and Truck Equipment stating that a standard shipping container can cost around $1,300-$5,000, it can be a great way to ensure that your belongings are kept safe from harm. This is particularly useful for those who are looking to move across the country, as it means that they can use a wealth of accident recovery resources to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Although we would not wish it upon ourselves or others, drivers must be aware of potential road accidents. Yet, some of the situations are completely inevitable, and require us to use a range of accident recovery resources to help us get back on our feet. Therefore, be sure to follow the advice offered in this article when considering your accident recovery process.

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