What Tools Do You Need to Cut a Driveshaft?

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Ideally, when you’re installing a driveshaft, you’ll find that it’s already the perfect length for your truck or car. Sometimes that turns out to be the case. However, it’s a common challenge that you’ll find that the driveshaft is not, in fact, of the right length. Fortunately, it’s possible to lengthen or shorten the drive shaft, depending on your needs. Driveshaft repairs and modifications can be difficult, so it helps to have the right tools.

First, you’ll need to get the right measurements. If you get the measurements wrong, it could cause a lot of issues.

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As such, it’s smart to measure twice with highly accurate measurement tools. Consider having someone else take a measurement if they are available. This may seem excessive, but a bit of extra effort now can save you from a lot of problems in the long run. To measure, you’ll pull out the yoke, then measure from the center of the yoke back to the u-joints. It’s wise to look up videos online for specific assistance with this.

Once it comes time to cut, you can use an angle grinder. You’ll want to take your time doing this. It’s best to make small cuts and only go as deep as you need. Does this whole process sound challenging? It is! Feel free to reach out for assistance with driveshaft repairs.


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