8 Things to Ask Your Auto Repair Shop

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Tony Mala of ASE wants people to find an auto repair shop they can trust. In the above video, he walks viewers through the process of finding great mechanics. Initial steps include getting referrals for shops from family and friends and finding customers who would be willing to speak about their experiences.

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But he also provides eight questions customers should ask mechanics before agreeing to bring their cars in for service. These questions are the following.

1. How long the shop has been in business
2. How involved in the community the shop and its owners are
3. What types of vehicles do they service
4. Do they offer the specific services that the customer needs
5. Do they have a shuttle service to and from home and work, or loaner cars for the customer to use while their car is in the shop
6. Do they have an after-hours drop-off where customers can leave their vehicles and keys if they can”t make it there before the shop closes
7. When is the best time to bring the vehicle in for work, and when does the shop close for the day
8. What type of warranty exists for the shop’s work, focusing on both parts and labor

When you’re informed, you can make better decisions. Taking care of your vehicle is important for your safety and your wallet. Make sure to ask numerous shops before committing!


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