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Car accidents happen so frequently that it would be foolish not to have a plan with various accident solutions in effect. This plan should include jotting down a list of companies to contact and resources you should use after an accident. The following is a list of things you should do if you become subject to a motor vehicle crash.

1. Research Some Reputable Companies That Can Tow Your Vehicle

The first task on your list of accident solutions should be to find the number of a good towing service provider. The majority of car accidents involve damages that leave a vehicle inoperable. Therefore, you’ll need to have a towing company’s number ready to dial if you have to have them take your car to a body shop or collision center.

You’ll need to research and compare certain aspects of numerous towing companies to get hold of the best provider. Looking at attributes such as the number of years in business, consumer reviews, pricing, and service menus is the best way to narrow down the list of candidates.

Once you choose a provider you feel is most qualified, you can schedule your first meeting with them, so they can give you more extensive information about their services and what you might need from them in the future. You’ll be all set to contact them if the day ever comes that you need them to rescue you after an incident.

2. Consider Selling Your Damaged Vehicle

Another thing you need to add to your list of accident solutions is a junk car sales plan. Some accidents leave cars so damaged that repairing them isn’t worth it. In that case, you might decide getting rid of your car is the best option. You can do that using several methods.

Option number one is to put your car in the newspaper or classified ad and advertise it as a parts-only vehicle. Let prospective buyers know your vehicle doesn’t run, but they might be able to use some of the parts for projects.

You may have a little more success putting your car in an online auction and allowing people from other areas of the country to place bids on it. Signing up for such a site doesn’t cost anything, but you’ll have to pay a fee if you manage to sell your car.

A more straightforward way of selling your vehicle is to find a reliable junk car buyer in the area. Find a place that has repairable salvage RVs for sale and make sure that they also buy them. These salvage yards and junkyards often give reasonable payments for people’s vehicles.

Aside from that, many of them offer to visit vehicle owners’ homes to pick up the property. Thus, you can ultimately have a hassle-free experience after an accident by contacting one of these providers. It’s wise to gather a list now so you won’t have any delays if you need to get rid of your car quickly.

3. Always Have a Backup Plan

You always need to have a backup plan in life, no matter what you do. One of the best accident solutions is to develop plans A, B, and C for transportation if you lose your car in an accident. Think of several alternatives you can use until your car gets fixed, and you can get back on the road.

Many people look for car or truck rental services they can use if they ever get into a bind. You can choose to go with a major rental company or use a service that allows everyday people to rent their cars to their peers. Each option has pros and cons. Major rental companies offer less expensive insurance coverage and don’t tack on additional ‘fees,’ but they do require security deposits.

Peer rental services may not require a security deposit, but third-party companies add extra fees that skyrocket the rental cost. You’ll need to choose what’s best for you in that situation.

You can also set yourself up for carpooling now so that someone can assist you if you have a problem in the future. Find someone at work who lives near your neighborhood and talk to them about carpooling. Ask them for their contact information and the rates they would charge for the carpool.

Public transportation is another option you might want to look into before you ever experience an automobile accident. Check your neighborhood to see if there are any options for buses or trains. Familiarize yourself with the services, so you’ll know what times you can travel where you need to go.

Last but not least, you can set up an account with a ride-share company. This option might not be ideal in terms of cost, but you should still list it as part of the plan. Open an account and have the information ready in case you ever need a ride somewhere.

4. Find a Good Repair Shop for Your Vehicle

The next item on your auto accident solutions checklist should be a reliable auto repair shop. You might need some minor or major repairs done on your car after a crash, and you’ll want to have someone in mind already. Start looking for a company now that can provide you with the services you might need after an incident.

When researching providers, you’ll need to look for longevity and tenure, positive reviews, fair pricing, and a varied service menu. In other words, you should look for businesses that do maintenance and minor and major repairs. That way, you can take your vehicle to them for regular checkups and work before and after an accident. That’s the smartest way to get the most out of your local auto repair shop.

5. Inquire About Repairing Your Windshield

Windshield repair services are often necessary after a car accident. They’re usually the first parts to shatter and crack when two vehicles collide. Therefore, you should start investigating those services and expenses now.

You can start creating a list of providers by doing a quick internet or phone book search. You’ll find numerous window repair and installation companies. Go through the regular processes of searching their websites and sifting through consumer reviews. Contact them and ask them how much they charge for windshield repairs and whole windshield replacements. Next, contact your insurance company and ask them about their replacement procedures. See which companies they recommend for the service and ask them about your deductibles, too.

You’ll also need to check out the laws in your state to find out more about getting your windshield repaired. Some states require insurance companies to provide drivers with one free repair. Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina are examples of such states.

The more research you do, the more prepared you’ll be if anything ever happens with your car. Start looking now so your recovery journey will be smooth and hassle-free.

6. Discuss Repairing Dents on Your Vehicle

Dents are another subject you need to include in your auto accident solutions list. Most accidents end with someone’s vehicle dented. Therefore, you might need this type of auto dent repair service even if you have a little fender bender.

A local body shop is one of the best places to look for these services. Body shops specialize in dent repair service, painting, and other tasks that restore a vehicle’s exterior. Speaking to a company in your area is a good way to educate yourself about the costs of services and how they work. Schedule a consultation, collect a business card, and keep it on your person if you ever need help from a provider like this.

7. Have a Good Door on Your Garage

You may not have thought about your garage door. Still, you can include it in your auto accident solutions list because you might need to work on your garage to keep your car safe. For example, many people have issues with their garage doors. Some have problems with their remotes or keypads, and others have issues with their doors because of a lack of lubrication. It’s worth looking into either way. You could have a professional come to your home and inspect your door for issues with your garage door opener or system. That way, you can get the issue repaired now. A working garage door will allow you to keep your car away from the elements and protect it from vandalism and theft.

8. Speak With a Tree Specialist Regarding Threats to Your Car

Speaking to certified arborists should be another part of your auto accident solutions. The trees in your very yard can cause damage to your car, similar to what happens in a car accident. For example, a weak and diseased tree can fall on your car and crash the windshield or scratch up the paint. Then you’ll have to contact your insurance company or come out of your pockets to get the issue resolved.

It might be wise for you to schedule an appointment with a tree specialist, so someone can look at the ones in your yard. Arborists can provide various services that can help you avoid getting vehicular damage. They can cut trees down if that’s what you want.

Alternatively, they can treat the trees with special chemicals or medications that can restore their health. You’ll indirectly protect your vehicle from harm by finding certified arborists to care for your trees. You’ll also reap the benefit of having a gorgeous yard.

9. Repair Your Driveway to Prevent Future Auto Issues

Another item on the auto accident solutions checklist should be your driveway. Bad driveways are often the cause of car troubles that require extensive repairs. For example, you can run over a pothole in your driveway and damage your tire, rim, or suspension. All such damages can also cause you additional problems on the road. For instance, a damaged tire might not blow until you get on the road. Then you’ll risk colliding with another car, which will cause you even more car damage. Do you see the Domino effect there?

Contacting a concrete contractor is an effective way to ensure your driveway doesn’t contribute to an automobile accident. You can search for local contractors and use a smart process to find the most reputable and reliable providers. A good provider should be able to show you their work, so you can see how well they repair potholes and restore cracks and uneven surfaces.

If you can get some good pictures and read positive customer reviews, the provider is most likely trustworthy. It’s better to start this journey now than to wait until you have an issue that costs you thousands of dollars in automotive repairs. You’ll be glad you put forth the investment.

10. Decide if You Want Asphalt or Concrete for Your Driveway

While you are speaking to some about your driveway, you’ll need to decide if you want slurry seals asphalt or concrete. There are many benefits and disadvantages to either type of driveway, so you’ll have to choose what’s best for you.

One benefit of an asphalt driveway is that it’s cost-effective. It’s a little less expensive than concrete and available to drive on much faster. The contractors will have an easier time installing your asphalt driveway than a concrete one as well.

The downside to using asphalt is the way it responds to the heat. Asphalt tends to soften when exposed to high temperatures. That could be a problem if you live in a state with blazing temperatures in the summer. Things like motorcycle kickstands and jack stands can sink into the asphalt on a hot day, leaving a pit someone needs to fill.

Concrete driveways are more expensive and require an entire week to curate before you can drive on them. Additionally, these driveways can stain easily, and cracks are typically more prominent and cannot be resurfaced.

The positive side of concrete driveways is their sturdiness. You never have to worry about your concrete driveway becoming ‘too flexible’ in the heat. Additionally, you have much more design and color options when you choose concrete.

Contact a reliable contractor to discuss your driveway options today. You can make a good choice and then feel confident that you won’t have issues that affect your car later on.

Don’t wait until you get into a crash to come up with accident solutions. Use the list above so that you know how to help yourself best if something ever happens.

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